The Hope Echo

My Wish Came True

Posted on: June 1, 2011

Long ago, I had a wish. A wish to repay my teachers or make them proud of me. Even if I did repay only one of them I would be glad. Today I have remembered that wish. I went to my sister’s elementary school graduation ceremony. She attended the same school as me. So, a lot of her teachers had taught me. I was so happy to see them again. I went to meet my teachers and say hello to them. Some of them remembered me, while others did not. One of them was sitting between some of her friends. they were joking about her becoming old. I asked her if she still remember me. She asked me what level I am in my study. As soon as I told her I have my bachelor degree she pretended not to know me or teach me. Everyone was laughing so hard at her trying to convince them that she is young. suddenly her daughter came into the room and called her “Mom”.I turned my head to have a look at her daughter which gave me a shock. I asked my teacher with wonderment ” Is she your daughter ?”. She replayed ” yes”.So I gave her another shock by saying : “I have taught your daughter in my teaching practical training”. immediately everyone laughed again so hard at her while she strongly pretended not teaching me nor knowing me. It was funny to talk with her and laugh with her in that way. Also, I felt that one of my old wishes came true. I have always wished to teach a daughter of a teacher of mine. It was one of the ways to repay those who taught me. that’s why my wish came true.


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